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As Spotify stepped into Russia, I shared utilities and advanced features with DTF readers, refining the Spotify computer experience. Now, let’s explore an array of specialized sites and services that amplify the Spotify journey, offering unique ways to discover music, create personalized playlists, explore global trends, and more. This selection showcases both established and emerging Spotify services, each promising an enriched musical exploration.

spotify tools


Whisperify adds a fun twist to music discovery, presenting a quiz based on your library. It challenges users to guess songs based on short snippets, catering to different difficulty levels.

1001 albums – 1001albumsgenerator

Inspired by a book suggesting “1001 Albums You Should Listen to Before You Die,” this service generates daily album recommendations for users to explore across various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Spotify World Map

This interactive map spotlights the most popular Spotify track in each country, offering insights into global musical preferences, although not supporting all nations.

Discover Quickly

With Discover Quickly, hover over an artist, album, or track to start immediate playback, enabling rapid music discovery across genres and artists.


Dubolt assists in finding new artists based on preferred musicians or songs, generating personalized playlists that users can fine-tune according to their mood or preferences.

Spotify Release List

Providing updates on new albums, singles, and collaborations from followed artists on Spotify, this service ensures users don’t miss any releases.


A multifaceted hub, Skiley offers lyrics, listener comments, and additional information related to the current song, enriching the listening experience.


This service instantly compiles a playlist of an artist’s complete Spotify discography, allowing users to sort, exclude singles, and save custom playlists.


Similar to Spotify’s “Discoveries of the Week,” Discoverify crafts personalized daily playlists, providing more frequent music recommendations with flexible settings.


An extension for Chrome, Paradify enables users to save tracks from YouTube directly to Spotify, organizing them into a dedicated playlist.

Spotify Television: Ideal for visual enthusiasts, Spotify Television allows users to watch videos or live performances from their playlists, offering an alternative audio-visual experience.

Final words

These diverse services elevate the Spotify journey by catering to different aspects of music exploration, discovery, and curation. From personalized playlists to enhanced song information and global musical trends, each service contributes to a richer, more immersive musical experience on Spotify.

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