How to Earn on Spotify? How much it pays?

Spotify is a music streaming service that appeared in 2008. It works somewhat like Yandex.Music: users can listen to tracks there, and the authors of the compositions can earn money. Let’s figure out how the scheme works, how much Spotify pays per million listens, and whether there are other ways to make money there.

earn money on spotify

Making Money on Spotify: A Simple Guide

Understanding Spotify’s Earning System

Spotify, launched in 2008, operates much like Yandex.Music. Users enjoy tracks while artists earn. But how does the money-making scheme work on Spotify?

  • The Platform’s Core: Spotify compiles playlists based on user preferences, giving accurate recommendations tailored to individual tastes.

Ways Spotify Generates Revenue

Spotify monetizes through:

  1. Advertising: For users on the free version, ads are displayed or heard.
  2. Paid Subscription: This model removes ads and offers additional perks.

The Revenue-Sharing Mechanism

  • Spotify shares about 70% of its earnings from subscriptions and ads with content creators.
  • Here’s the basic flow: Artists upload songs, Spotify recommends them, users either subscribe or view ads, Spotify earns, and then shares revenue with artists.

Understanding Earnings per Stream

  • The payment per stream on Spotify fluctuates. In the USA, it’s around $0.00348, while in some countries like Russia, it’s approximately 0.16 rubles, significantly lower due to regional subscription costs and ad rates.
  • An artist’s income is tied to the number of plays their tracks receive.

Insights into Artist Earnings

  • Spotify’s Loud & Clear website highlights platform economics. Over 67,000 artists earn more than $5,000, but only 870 make over $1 million annually.
  • For newcomers, focusing on earning $5,000 per year is a realistic starting point, achievable by ensuring playlists with your music gain popularity.

Additional Ways to Earn on Spotify

1. Becoming a Playlist Curator

  • What’s Involved: Craft diverse playlists and gather followers who enjoy and save your tracks.
  • Earning Potential: As a curator, you can charge new artists $5 or more to add their tracks to your playlists, depending on your popularity.

2. Completing Tasks on the Platform

  • Earning Opportunities: Spotify offers tasks such as listening to songs, reviewing new tracks, or subscribing to artists for monetary rewards.
  • External Platforms: Freelance platforms also offer similar Spotify-related tasks for additional income.

Parting Advice for Aspiring Artists

  • Focus on building a solid foundation for income, and gradually scale up earnings by gaining traction with playlists and tracks on the platform.

In Summary

Spotify offers opportunities for artists to earn through streams, playlists, and curated content. While the earnings per stream vary by region and user engagement, diversifying revenue sources within the platform and completing related tasks can bolster an artist’s income.

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